Ceramic Skull Pullout (10 inches high)
Ceramic Alien Pullout (8 inches high)
Airbrushed Ratfink Skateboard
Techno Tribal (One of a Kind)
(Note the Feathers and circuitry inlays)
Techno Tribal (One of a Kind)
Techno Skull (One of a Kind)
Techno Skull 2
Mickey Rat Ceramic, (6 inches tall)
El Bandito (Terra Cotta Handpipe)
Unfired, Handmade, Original
Lil Alien Girl (7.5 in. tall)
Clown Bubbler (7 in. tall)
Techno Tribal 3
Shamrock Handpipe
The Hellhound
Voodoo Skull Handpipe (11 in. long)
Paintable Ceramic Skull
The Hippie Pipe
Claw Handpipe
Klean Canteen
Flamed, Goldleafed Mirror
Painted Box
Painted metal tin.
Painted Panels
The Peace Chief
The Green Man
Nurse Joy
Farmer Bud and Spike
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Bill Rosser, p.o.box 5001, Chico Ca. 95927
Farmer Bud Hippie Lettering 3