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What a wonderful time to be alive. We are blessed with such abundance. Here in the U.S. we have freedom and liberty and justice. To look at the potential we have to build a world where folks are fed, housed and clothed, while addressing climate issues at the same time, is exciting and challenging. And I always rise to challenges.

Work hard, play hard is my motto. However as much as I enjoy a good workout I'm trying to work smarter not harder. So I've worked my butt off for ten years recycling organics. Have grown strong and have a picture in my mind of how to move on the challenges we face. This site may be used to facillitate the creation of a vibrant, "green" way of life for all of us. I hope to see us build networks of likeminded folks seeking a better way. It takes a global village. Let's come together and help one another build a better world.

Simple principles of efficiency tell us we can have much more from the fuel we currently consume. However a green footprint is what is desired without compromising living standards. I will begin experimenting with biofuel from switchgrass and other plants and will attempt to produce all of my fuel. A database will be created to document any findings about the recylcing and sequestering of carbon, water, methane, nutrients or other natural resources in order to bring about a negative "carbon footprint".

I seek to meet the heroes who will be blessed by those left on Earth after we're gone for showing courage and foresight to tackle these issues we face. Governments and big corporations ain't gonna do a damn thing. This is a golden oportunity. Step forward. The world is yers fer the takin'.



Worm Casa

worm casa
The new worm house while it was being built.

Truckload thumb

Alway's busy givfing back to the Earth with abundant local organic recyclables.

True Living Organics thumb

This is something I found while I was out clod gathering.

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