Who is Farmer Bud you say? Farmer Bud is a fictional character that I (Bill Rosser) am working on in comic form and as a kind of alter-ego thing. In business it is customary to use fictional entities to represent your company so you are not too emotionally attached to it when it comes time to sell it. So as I was developing this comic character I began thinking of him as the ultimate anti-corporate hero; a lowly farmer, from a group which has been marginalized and persecuted by the current power system, a do it yourselfer, a real strong and independant man. What better way to humanize my own business enterprise than to use this character and forever attach it to my person. I seek to use this as a legacy in the way that involves not only financial success but also having fun and at the same time doing good works that will be remembered for many years to come. This is a new era of accountability and I will work myself and seek others of like mind to forge a new way. We need to start seeng some heroes coming forward with the worthy goals of defeating climate change while also being able to pursue happiness. This is what I'm about. As much as I love gasoline and striping paint, cars, motorcycles, at heart I'm a real lover of life. And a such Mother Nature is the queen of the hive and without her we have nothing. Stakes are high and so am I. Many will fall who do not heed that very small voice; the song of the Earth. Do this and you can't go wrong.

This is the age of Information and info is power. The kind that I'm looking for largely hasn't been created yet. There is much available but it's not in forms which are reaching me. The race is on to beat climate change and I intend to get and share the best info. Big institutions are gathering it and then marketing it to folks. On many levels we are in a lemming race over the cliff. Governments can't dictate people to save the Earth. The free market may be used to get us out of this dangerous climate disruption but remember, that is what has gotten us into it. So it will take courageous and insightful people to break out of the box we find ourself in. I seek to ask questions that aren't being asked. What I want isn't being offered. It's a good idea to go beyond what is being packaged up as sustainable these days and really push the envelope. Demand the best for yourself and your family. And the best life is a healthy one for the planet and your community.
William H. Rosser III