Who are the ordinary people that are sitting there knowing something needs to change and wanting to do something? And what are their ideas? Because they and their loved one are the ones who will be afffected by the coming changes. They are not just selling a product or service who's bottom line may be affected by new regulations. Folks need better systems: social, transportation, agriculture. But nobody is selling them anything real here. You here a lot of murmurings about it but here we sit in the same old traffic mess, trash, flies, overbearing govt, waste, red tape, meaningless wasted time. Meanwhile you know life could be better. What is called for is revolutionary action.

Farmer Bud seeks those who want to make a difference and to know they tried their damndest to fight anything they thought would downgrade the living standards of their progeny and fellow men and women. He seeks those who wonder what affects all these threats will mean to ecosystems and the small denizens of the Earth who have no voice here.

Farmer Bud, in my vision, is like the super hero who wants to help people save the Earth and have a darn good time doing it. He can be an ornery cuss sometimes but he has a good heart and intends to build databases which willbe valuable resources for dealing with these scary issues on our horizon. It's time to fight but the key to it is good moral. We must keep our spirits high. And this is where a crazy cartoon farmer will come in. He's ready for action. Let's rock.

I see a revolution coming. This will be a worldwide thing. The days of massive agirbusiness are numbered in my opinion. The power structures we've seen are getting ready to go through big changes. I foresee people everywhere taking control of their destinies as never before. The decentralization of production will begin as the fossil fuels begin to run out. People will begin making crafts and art and trade goods in their homes and neighborhoods and will begin producing local food in a much bigger way. They will attempt to get costs down for production and transportation of goods to market. The energy grid will be decentralized and will in a large part be based on biomass, solar, wind, etc. which will be fed from varied localities rather than from large centralised power plants. The people will be empowered and highly important as opposed to now where they are simply at the mercy of big petroleum cartels: monopolistic entities who exploit them to the fullest with free oil pumped out of the ground which enriches a few powerful people while keeping the average person trapped on a treadmill that sucks up their money and further pollutes our fragile planet.

This society hasn't been planned with any type of efficiency in mind. If we were to take the fuel we burn just running around town and use it to manufacture products we need or do thing which are essential such as building a sustainable world we would be truly rich. The great Bucky Fuller one did calculations on what it would take to end poverty and house all, feed all and clothe all. The world corporate socioeconomic model is, very simply, based on inflation, artificial scarcity and planned obsolescence. It's a consumer thing where we buy the latest chemical concoctions and plastic junk that's on the market beleiving we need it and thinking we have something of value when all the while our bodies and the planet itself fall victim to something that is designed with some corporate bottom line in mind rather than consevfation of resources or wholistic health of individuals.

We have an opportunity now with all of the technology and tools of the twenty-first century to create a truly great way of life for Humanity. But we'll have to figure it out and demand something real on our own. If you're looking to government or unbridled captalist markets to save you, you are headfing for a rude awakening. I hear a lot about family values and how much the "conservatives" are the protectors of children. What I feel is really going on is that our folks have been duped. They've been sold down the river. They've bought a trojan horse that will keep them in bondage and use them as political tools or pawns. They are the true believers in the authority of a false promise. We see self righteous zealots who are convinced of their own superiority and "better way" to the point where they will attempt to impose it on others and condemn anyone who seeks a different path. Government inevitably squashes dissent, creativity, individuality, independance, self reliance and courage.

The divisions in this country are unacceptable to me. You want to be conservative about something? Conserve the Earth and its resources. You offer some simple minded prapaganda which support violent capitalistic activity around the globe. We can be a great country again if we unite. We can be loved as those who turned around and became the protectors of this beautiful planet. Show me some real conservatism on some of these issues and I'll become a freakin' conservative myself. The U.S. is based on the revolutionary principles which address these problems of social stagnation. It's gone on from time immemorial. The time is now for the true heroes to come forward and lay the foundations of a truly great society.

_Bill Rosser

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